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Is Denture Adhesive Necessary?

Is Denture Adhesive Necessary?

There is a fair amount of debate concerning the question ‘Is Denture Adhesive Necessary?’  We look at the pros and pros and cons of using  denture adhesives.

What to consider before using Denture Adhesive

Pros of Denture Adhesives

Providing Confidence
Using denture adhesives (otherwise known as denture glue or denture cream) makes some people feel more secure when wearing their dentures.  This is often most likely when a person is originally fitted with new dentures.

Over time, once the wearer becomes more confident wearing his/her dentures they may then choose to no longer use denture adhesives.  In this instance denture adhesives provide a good solution for those concerned that their dentures may fall out or slip as it provides a feeling of comfort and security.

Special Conditions
Some people suffer from a dry mouth or other conditions that affect the strength of the adherence of their dentures.  In these cases the use of some form of denture paste, cream or denture power is a good solution to the problem.

Special Circumstances
Denture glue is also beneficial for those who require extra security of dental stability due to the special activities that they may do which require additional demand on the face muscles.  An example of this would be musicians or public speakers.

Ease of Use
Applying denture cream or paste is a simple and easy process and takes but a few minutes.

Cons of Denture Adhesives

Inappropriate Usedenture adhesive

Some people may use denture adhesives simply because their dentures do not fit well.  This is not a good use of the product.  In this instance the wearer really needs to have their dentures adjusted to ensure a proper fit.

Denture paste or glue should not be used to compensate for a badly fitting denture nor should it be used as a substitute to going to your denture clinic for a regular check-up.

If you find that there has been a change in the comfort or fit of your dentures, we suggest you set up an appointment to see your dental prosthetist as you may need to have your denture rebased or relined.

For some people denture adhesives are not an option as they are allergic to one or more of the ingredients that form denture glue.

High Standard of Oral Hygiene Required
If you use any form of denture adhesive (denture paste of denture cream) you must maintain a high level of oral hygiene – if this is not possible, then denture adhesive should not be used.

Sudden Need for Dental Adhesive
Some people who have never used denture adhesives find that they now have a need for them.  This is most likely due to shrinkage of gum tissues and/or the loss of bone that happens as we age.

For these reasons the dentures no longer fit correctly and wearers resort to using denture glue to obtain a better fit.  However this is not a good long-term option and an appointment should be made to have the dentures adjusted or a new set of dentures made.

When denture cream is misused such as described above it can result in damage to the soft tissues of the mouth and gum and can also cause inflammation.  Even worse with prolonged use to stabilise a badly fitting denture, you can actually cause an acceleration of bone loss.

Health Risk?
There is an unresolved debate as to whether or not denture adhesives are bad for you. Some Denture Clinics swear by the safety of using denture adhesives, while others claim that they are bad for your health. Do your research, talk to your dental prothesist for advice so you can make an informed decision as to whether dental adhesives are a suitable option for you.

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